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Puerto Salina Marina

Next to La Salina Beach Hotel

Global position Satellite (GPS):
N 32 degree 03.650' by W 116 degree 52,749'

Puerto SalinaIf spending the weekend on the boat is your idea of a weekend to remember than travel by water down to La Salina Beach from any port in California.

Marina Puerto Salina is the first boat marina you come to when your entering Mexico by water. The marina also has a boat launch for those who want to trailer down their boat.

Puerto SalinaThe fishing is awesome just ½ mile off the coast. You can find halibut, yellow tail, sheepshead, perch, scalpan and many more…

When you arrive by water, dock and secure your boat and walk 200 yards North to La Salina Beach Hotel and Cantina.

The marina is safe and security is on hand 24 hours.

Puerto Salina